10V 20W Outdoor Solar Power Panel + Exhaust Fan High Conversion Solar Panel for Greenhouse RV Camping Tent






Solar Panels

Max. power


Max. voltage





180*155*20mm /7.1*6.1*0.8in




Black ,Yellow

Shell material

Tempered glass and plastic yellow frame


EDUCATION —- Solar panels are devices that absorb sunlight and convert solar radiation directly or indirectly into electricity through photoelectric or photochemical effects, it’s perfect devices for science project.

DIY YOUR OWN SMART MODEL —- Build your own powered models, solar toys, solar lights, solar displays, charging small DC batteries. It can be used for teaching purpose. Many of our customers e from school, colleague, etc.

CONNECT SOLAR PANELS IN PARALLEL OR IN SERIES —- When the voltage of your solar panel doesnt satisfy your storage battery, you can take two or more same solar panels together in series. Such as, two 9V solar panel connect together in series, so its voltage is 18V. When the voltage of solar panel satisfies your storage battery. In order to speed up the rate of charge, you can take two or more same solar panel together parallel connection.

SOLID & WORK LONG HOURS —- High conversion rate, high efficiency output, excellent weak light effect, as long as there is sunshine, it can work all the time. The shell is made of tempered glass and plastic yellow frame, which protect solar panels, and extend the life of solar panels.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION —- Use solar panels to cut your carbon footprint, because it is green and renewable energy. Unlike conventional generators, solar power does not release any harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutant.

IDEAL FOR SMALL PROJECTS —- Such as emergency lights, advertisement lamps, traffic lights, household lights, electric fans, solar water pumps, solar street lamps, etc.

Package Included:

1 * Solar Panel

1 * Fan

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Weight 0.518 oz