118”x39”x4” Inflatable Gym Track Mat Track Gymnastics Mat Tumbling Climbing Pilates Pad + Pump


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Dimensions 3 x 1 x 0.1m / 118” x 39” x 4”
Max pressure 15 PSI / 0.7 BAR
Voltage 110V
Power 500W
Color Baby Blue
Weight Approx.20kg


Inflating and deflating is done in a single minute.
Set up in your living room, back yard, at the beach, anywhere.
Train any where.
Durable, long life.

Application: Can be used in gymnastics, martial arts and so on.

Electric pump instruction manual:
1.Use the black handle to rotate the tap to close mode, prevent leakage.
2.Keep inflating until the pump got sharp sound and make sure the white button pushed in.
3.Stop inflating, rotate the tap to the left, pull out the button then turn off switch.
4.Push in the button to deflate. Press again to stop.

Package Content: 
1 x Inflatable mat
1 x pump
1 x Carry bag

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Weight 11 oz