125X Refractive Astronomical Telescope with Tripod Kids 360 Surround Outdoor Monocular Children Refractive Astrophile Space Observation Tool





Product Name


Caliber 50mm

Optical system


Focal length



 25mm, 6mm



Finder mirror


Zeniths mirror

 45° full positive image


 Aluminum alloy multi-section telescopic tripod

Package included:

1 * Main mirror

1 * Tripod

1 * Instruction manual

1 * Star finder mirror

1 * Orthoscope

1 * 25mm eyepiece

1 * 6mm eyepiece

1 * Star plate

1 * magnifying glass

1 * solar filter

1 * Photomirror

1 * Photographic interface (optional) 

Installation Steps:

1. Be careful and patient to install the telescope

2. Support the tripod firmly, and then attach the telecope body.

3. After the tube is fixed, install the finderscope (for preliminary search of the target object), then install the eyepiece (choose one from the two).

4. After find out the big goal, then focus with different eyepieces.

5. When use 3X Barlow lens, installed Barlow lens first, and then install the eyepiece. ( When install the Barlow lens, we need to move out the lid on the installation device of eyepiece.)

6. The astronomical telescope suits the beginners and children.


Do not use this product to directly observe the strong light source such as the sun, otherwise it will cause permanent damage to your eyes! 

Additional information

Weight 2.3 oz