2-Gears Solar Mosquito Dispeller Killer Lamp Insecticidal Charging Garden Outdoor Electronic Mosquito Repellent Lantern


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Total Height Of Bracket


Mosquito Lamp

30 * 20cm

Solar Panel

13 * 15cm

Mosquito Control Area


Solar Panel

6V / 3W Polysilicon Solar Panel

Life Index

5-10 Years

Light Source Type

24 Chip LED Beads

Mosquito Control Type

High Voltage Electric Shock

Lighting Mode

White Lighting / Purple Light Mosquito Control

Product Material

Engineering Grade ABS Plastic

Battery Type

22000mAh 18650 Lithium Batteries

Operating Environment

Indoor / Outdoor Type

Mosquito Killing Time

More Than 72 Hours

Product Accessories

6V / 3W Polysilicon Solar Panel, Charger, Bracket,

Lighting Duration

More Than 8 Hours

Solar Energy

Fully Charged In About 10-15 Hours


Fully Charged In About 6-8 Hours

Line Charging

Fully Charged In About 6-8 Hours

-Easy to press, safe mosquito control, time saving and worry saving.
-24 LED lighting mode, led enhance brightness, effectively enhance lighting effect.
-UVA wave range, light source fatal trapping, strong silent electric shock, summer mosquito irresistible temptation.
-Rain proof cap, inclined solar panel, no fear of wind and rain, to achieve outdoor 360 day machine waterproof.
-One lamp is multi-purpose, user-friendly design can be switched at any time, which can be used as both mosquito killing lamp and lighting lamp.