2 Person Camping Tent Automatically Family Tent Waterproof UV-proof Sunshade Canopy






Silver tape, PU 1000MM or more;

Bottom account

180D Oxford cloth, PU 1500MM or more;

Tent rod

High strength 6.9MM fiber rod


Blue+Yellow, Green+pink (Colors are sent randomly, multiple colors)


The space is large.

The structure is stable.

Good ventilation performance.

It has a wide range of applications.

Outdoor camping, Park recreation,

It can be used at home.

Curled up in a handbag, about 10*60CM in volume

Tent building:

1. Choose two main poles and penetrate from the cross direction of the poles and bags on both sides of the door.

2. Insert the two ends of the pole into the double-hole footboard at the corresponding position, and arch two main poles at the same time to form the basic framework of the tent.

3. Two attachments are erected according to the position shown in the structural drawing. One end is grounded and the other end is pierced through the ring of the entry curtain.

4. Attention: When A passes through the rod, make sure the rod passes smoothly and do not exert excessive force. B pole is fully in place and then arched to avoid damaging the tent pole

5: Different types of tents are built slightly differently. Please pay attention to the installation.

Package included:

1 x Accounts (including ledgers)

1 x Ledger

1 x Ground nail

1 x Handbag

Additional information

Weight 1.199 oz