200W Solar Panel Kit 18V Battery Charger 10/20/30/40/50A Controller DC/USB/TYPE-C For Outdoor Camping Accessories






PET+Monocrystalline silicon cell

Waterproof rating


Solar energy conversion rate



AP280: 280*280mm ;

AP420: 420*280mm;

AP510: 510*280mm


16W, 20W, 25W

NOCT(nominal operating cell temperature)


DC output voltage

18V 3.81A

USB output voltage

5V 3.8A (max)

TYPE-C output

5v 3.8A



Operating temperature





– This product adopts a new conversion method to double the working current of solar output with the same area and power.

– The two-way voltage output of solar energy is divided into 18v & 9v or 12V & 6V by shifting gears. Under the same area of power, the output current of the solar panel doubles, making it possible to charge cars, mobile phones, computers, and batteries in the same environment. 

– Increased efficiency and doubled the charging speed.

– The product is flexible and foldable can be attached to a smooth surface with a certain amplitude (such as the car roof)


1. Put the solar panel battery facing the sun, and the LED indicator of the output box turns red. Then the solar panel starts to work. USB outlet output 5.2V DC voltage, DC circular outlet output 18V direct charging voltage, (When you have to turn to block switch,H blocking DC output voltage 12V& 18V-L blocking DC output voltage of 6v& 9V

2. This product is not recommended to charge the mobile phone directly. It should be used together with the charging bank, which can be used to charge the mobile Phone, tablet computer and other electronic products

3. Connect with the battery, connect the DC alligator clamp with the output DC voltage of 18v(20V when no load). 

Note: the positive and negative crocodile clips should not be connected or touched in use, which may cause short-line heating or burning


Package Included:

1 × Solar panel

1 × Alligators clip

1 x Cigarettes lighter

4 x Suckers

1 x User Manual


If the product is equipped with a controller, it must be connected to the battery to work. Otherwise, the control is not displayed and does not work warm tins.

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