20lb 30lb Propane Tank Waterproof Cover Cylinder Bottle UV Rain Dust Protector





Material Oxford Cloth
Color Black
Capacity Size A: 20lb, B: 30lb
20lb Size 73 x 45cm
30lb Size 80 x 52cm  
Fitment For Propane Tank
Weight Approx.221g/321g

-Weather proof:
Made of 100% weatherproof material Durable propane tank cover is great for your grill,RV or any other propane tank application.
-UV Resistant:
UV protected to prevent your cover from experiencing premature fading and damage from the sun.
-Crack Resistant:
Given a cold crack treatment to resist extreme cold temperatures.
-Prevent moldy:
This material resists mildew and fungus,practical.
Protect your propane tank from harsh weather, dirt and debris, UV protected, weatherproof.
-Easily fits over your tank and can be left in place while grilling.

Package Included:
1 x Propane Tank Cover

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Weight 0.318 oz