20W 18V Portable Solar Panel Foldable Solar Power Bank Luminous Power Generator LED Flashlight Charger Camping Travel







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330*390*2.5mm(Expanded), 330*195*5mm(Folded)

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20W High Power Foldable PET Solar Panel, Smaller In Size, Same Power Supply
Class A high efficiency monocrystalline solar cell, small panel size with 12pcs of solar cell, power conversion rate up to 20%, high-efficiency power source for outdoor activities.
PET cover to protect solar cell from dust and water, also can ensure the flexibility for panels, can folded inside and outside, place it the way you want it.

Dual USB And DC Output Design, Extra Accessories For Outdoor Activities
Design with dual USB ports and DC output, can charge your Phone/Tablet/Power Bank/USB Devices Directly.
Package sent with extra accessories like car charger, alligator clip and cupula. Also sent with a
3 in 1 USB charging cable(Micro-USB+TypeC USB+Apple), can charge both cellphone.

Luminous Design, Be Your Guiding Light In The Night

Panel designed with Luminous material, while charging your phone or battery is also charging the material.

After exposed under the sun, it can glow at night to show locations and avoid lost in woods, perfect design for outdoor activities.

Package included:

1 x Solar Panel

1 x 3 in 1 USB Charging Cable

1 x Car Charger

2 x Alligator Clip

4 x Suction Cups

1. Please don’t scratch the surface of the panel with a sharps object. Do not modify the PCB circuit unless you are professional. We have no responsible for any a result from this.
2. Make sure the solar panel exposed to direct sunlight to ensure the best charging efficiency while charging. Best working time: 9:00-17:00 ( Cloudless Weather ).
3. Product deigned to extend battery life and emergency usage. Please choose other higher current products if you want a faster charging speed.
4. Product deigned with daily water proofing, please don’t exposed the charger in rainny day for too long.

5. Luminous design needs to exposed under sunlight before glowing in night, the longer it exposed, the longer it glow.

6. If for emergency purpose, please choose brighter light.

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