23X Binocular Eyepiece Magnifier Magnifying Glasses Jeweler Watch Repair Kit Adjustable LED Light





Main Lens magnification 8x
Extended Lens magnification 15x
Max. Magnification 23x
Focal Length of Main Lens 62mm
Focal Length of Extended Lens 33mm
Combined Focal Length 21mm
Light Source LED
Rotary Angle Range 180°
Lens Material Optical Resin
Powered by Built-in 6xLR1130 batteries
Storage case size(LxWxH) 155x50x70mm/6.10x 1.96×2.75inch
Weight Approx.100g

1. Left and right sides of glasses bracket is installed with two LED magnifying eye patches, each of which is attached with one 8x lens. And 15x extended lens can be installed to realize magnification 23x. alternating use of two barrels can alleviate visual fatigue, and improve work efficiency. In time of non-use, it’s only required to turn lens barrels upwards instead of taking down glass.
2. Separate design of LED lamp holder and control switch battery compartment can avoid changing irradiation point when operating switch. It’s not required to check irradiation point again in time of repeated use.
3. LED lights has two-gear adjusting functions to respectively adjust LED to soft light and bright light, and meet different light ray conditions.
4. Glasses bracket length is adjustable. Users can adjust bracket length according to his facial form to make wearing more comfortable.
5. Nose pad is adjustable. Users can adjust nose pad according to shape of nose bridge to meet the needs of all kinds of people.
6. Lens barrel position can be adjusted by moving 5mm horizontally left and right on bracket. Adjustment can be made according to facial form width and two- year distance to ensure eye patches are in the central position of eyes.
Eye patches can be rotated up and down at 180° on bracket so that it’s not required to take down whole magnifier frame in time of non-use, and make it easy to use next time.

Package Included:
1 x Magnifier
1 x User manual

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Weight 0.098 oz