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Material of strut Fiberglass pole
Size 200 * 200 * 130cm
Weight 1500 (g)
Construction situation
need to build
Space structure one bedroom
Style features Waterproof, camouflage, climbing
Waterproof coefficient of
external account
Less than 1000mm
Bottom account waterproof
Less than 1000mm
Strut Fiberglass
Bottom material
Oxford cloth
Variety Single person single layer
Color Camouflage
Applicable number 3-4 people


1. Enough to accommodate 3–4 people: The interior space of this tent is spacious: 200 * 200 * 130cm. The unique air cushion design provides independent space for many camping gear, shoes or large dogs.
2. Fiberglass pole: The tent pole is made of fiberglass pole, which is strong and durable.
3. Oxford cloth: The tent fabric is made of Oxford cloth, which is tear-proof and waterproof.
4. Fashion camouflage pattern design, simple and stylish, beautiful and generous.
Package Include:
1X Outdoor tent

Additional information

Weight 1.9 oz