3-4 Person Camping Tent Waterproof Double Doors Automatic Tent UV-proof Portable Sunshade Canopy Outdoor Hiking










180D silver tape

Applicable number

Two persons

Bottom account

210D Oxford cloth


7.9mm diameter glass fiber automatic rod

Waterproof factor of bottom account

Greater than 3000MM

Waterproof factor of external mosquito net

1500mm (inclusive)-2000mm (not included)

Scope of application

Picnic, park, camping, fishing, beach and other leisure outdoor activity


-Large space: Can accommodate 3-4 people sitting in the tent without crowding, 2 people sleeping without crowding
-Strong breathability, mesh yarn anti-mosquito: The breathable mesh yarn design in the account can effectively maintain the air circulation inside and outside the tent, so as to play a good breathability
-Shade and sun protection: Adopt shading fabric, ventilation shading, ventilation and heat dissipation
-Easy to build: Gently lift and pull, the tent can be built
-Retractable: Pull-type automatic speed-opening, simple operation and fast storage
-Connection: Quick-hang connection, stable skeleton support tent
-Support: High-strength lightweight bracket, combined with bionic joints, stable and flexible
-Two-way zipper: Both inside and outside can be pulled together, with non-slip zipper, easy and smooth pulling


1. To prevent scratching, do not put it with chemicals such as acids and alkalis, avoid storing it for a long time in a humid and high temperature place, please wash at a suitable temperature
2. After use in a humid area, it should be dried to keep the tent dry.
3. Pay attention to fire prevention: the tent material is not fire-proof, do not bring the fire source close to it, or bring inflammable material

Packing list:

1 x Tent
1 x Bracket

1 x Storage Bag
8 x  Floor nail

Additional information

Weight 1.035 oz