33 Pcs Set Camping Cookware Non-Stick Pot Pan Kettle Set Cups Plates Forks Knife Spoons Outdoor Tableware






Stainless steel


Pot: 2.4L

Small pot: 1.5L

Kettle: 0.8L

Pan: 1.5L


Pot: 18x11cm / 7.1×4.3inch

Small pot: 16x9cm / 6.3×3.5inch

Kettle: 15x8cm / 6×3.1inch

Pan: 22x5cm / 8.7x2inch




The 33pcs camping cookware mess kit comes with 1 L pot, 1 M pot, 1 fry pan, 1 1.2L kettle, 1 2.6 gal collapsible container, 1 12L collapsible bucket, 4 x 230ml stainless steel cups with silicone protectors, 4 18cm stainless steel plates, 4 sets of dinner cutleries (4 forks, 4 knive, 4 spoons with 4 storage bags), 2 cleaning cloth and 1 carrying bag.

PERFECT FOR 4 AND MORE PEOPLE – The pots have 2.4L and 1.5L capacity, the fry pan is of 8.7” diameter and the kettle is 0.8L. Come with collapsible water container (2.6 gal/10L) and collapsible bucket (12L), it’s perfect for storing water for cleaning dishes, sanitation & hand-washing stations, drinking or for storing your other favorite beverages. They will be great not just for boiling water but meal prep too. It’s fully equipped and made to be used by 4 and more people.

HIGH QUALITY POTS AND PAN – Both the pots, fry pan and kettle are made from anodized aluminum which is non-toxic and lightweight. Coated with a non-stick for easier use and clean up. Each piece has handles which are foldable and thermally isolated so you don’t burn your hand.

EXTRA STAINLESS STEEL DINNER CUTLERIES – You also receive several accessories – 4 sets of dinner cutleries and 2 cleaning cloth. The dinner cutleries are made from 304 stainless steel which is completely safe to use. All the forks knife spoons are foldable and can be easily packed into the cloth bags for simple storages. The cleaning cloth is safe to use on the coated surface and allows you fast and easy clean-up after you’re done.

Package included:

1 x Fry Pan

1 x Pot 

1 x Small Pot

1 x Kettle

1 x Bucket

1 x Water Container

1 x Carry Bag

2 x Clean Cloth

4 x Plates

4 x Cup with Protectors

4 x Packs Dinner Cutlery

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Weight 2.4 oz