36x13CM Round Inflatable Cushion Seat Pad Massage Cushion Mat Hemorrhoid Pillow With Pump for Office Workers Students





Internal Material


Outside Fabric



Dark blue/light blue/green/coffee/gray/red


36*13CM / 14.1*5.1INCH


– Product performance structure and composition: Medical air cushion is mainly made of PVC cloth, which is heat-sealed tightly.

– Soft and comfortable, good air permeability, easy to use.

– Usage: Inflatable balls or other ways can be used to inflate. Connect the inflatable pipe with the inflatable nozzle, and top the inner safety pad to inflate and deflate.

– Storage method: Keep clean when using, put it in dry and ventilated place after using, and pay attention to moisture-proof.

– PVC internal inflatable cushion.Flannelette coated, comfortable to touch.

– Soft and breathable, lightweight, easy to carry.

– Applicable population: for patients lying on the bed to cushion their affected areas.

– It can be used as cushion, cushions, upholstery and other use, according to your preferences.

For people who is indeed need:

1. Bedridden / in the wheelchair

2. Hemorrhoid patients

3. Students

4. Office workers


– When inflating with an inflatable pump, attention should be paid to pressure control, not exceeding the maximum pressure. 

– Clean air cushion is cleaned directly with neutral detergent and dried. Prevent sharp objects from stabbing airbags.

Package Included:

1 x Wheelchair Mat

1 x Pump

Additional information

Weight 0.2 oz

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