40X60 HD BAK4 Optical Lens Monocular Low Light Level Night Vision Waterproof Phone Telescope





Model 40×60
Magnification 40X
Objective Caliber 42mm
Eyepiece Caliber 18mm
Material Optical Glass Lenses+PVC
Prism  BAK4
Eyepiece Coating FMC green film
Objective Coating FMC multi-layer transparent enhanced green film
Weight Approx.430g

1. Support mobile phone shooting.
2. Small and exquisite, lightweight portable design.
3. With high compressive strength and impact resistance.
4. FMC multilayer, ultra high transmittance, you can see clearly.
5. Adjustable knob adapt anti-slip design, faster and more accurate.
6. The tripod mount can be telescopic and you can take photos or videos in fixed points.
7. This unique design puts control at your fingertips, making it ideal for hunting, camping, and wildlife viewing.
8. It has Low Light Night Vision function.It means that the if there is a low light with the object or beside,then can see the object clearly.
9. Hold the telescope lens cartridge with one hand, see the circular view, then switch the lens to adjust the handwheel until you see the clear view.
10. It is suitable for long distance observation. Suitable for boating, yachting, sports, bird watching, racing, horse racing, hunting, beach, tourism.
11. FMC multi-layer enhanced green film, high transmittance, imaging is bright and clear, no chromatic aberration, low-light level night vision is outstanding.

12. HD vision monocular: 40X magnification with BAK4 prism lens design, giving you a clearer and more colorful scenery.
13. Easy to focus: it can be folded to match the distance of your eyes, suitable for both adults and kids.
14. Wide field of view: FMC multi-layer enhanced green film increases light transmission for brighter and higher-contrast images. 

Package included:

1 x Telephoto lens with dust cap
1 x Tripod mount
1 x Telephoto lens Bag
1 x Phone clip
1 x Cleaning cloth
1 x Hand rope
1 x Manual

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Weight 0.433 oz