420ml Water Ionizer Bottle USB Rechargeable Negative Ion Water Cup Hydrogens-rich Water Cup Water Generator






DC 5





Operating time


Working times (full charge)

15-20 times


Borosilicate glass + silicone rubber ring

Hydrogen concentration



[Function] Hydrogen-rich water can reduce toxic free radicals, thereby reducing human aging and enhancing immunity.
[Suitable for various water quality] Hydrogen-water cycle for 3 minutes, continuous cycle of inhaled hydrogen Suitable for generators of distilled water, pure, mineral water, and tap water.
[One machine, three uses] Using an inhaler as a substitute for water is not an option when drinking water when traveling in a car or airplane and relaxing at night. A hydrogen pipe can be used to absorb hydrogen. The mineral water bottle can be directly installed on the base of the host. The perfect choice for making hydrogen-rich water anytime, anywhere. Of course, the original cup can also be used.
[Portable use] Large-capacity lithium battery, USB universal interface, convenient and fast charging. You can take it outdoors or use it at home, and it is also a great choice as a gift for family and friends.
[Best material] SPE PEM technology, platinum coated titanium cathode/anode, German membrane, inhaler capacity, double borosilicate glass 430 ml capacity. Titanium electrode plates are slightly more expensive, but they will not leach toxic nickel, molybdenum or chromium into water like cheap ion generators.
[Hydrogen production technology] The best materials and the latest technology, at a reasonable price. The effective hydrogen content reaches 1200-1500 ppb for drinking and inhalation.

Package included:

1 x Glass hydrogen-rich water cup

1 x USB cable

1 x Adapter

1 x Hydrogen suction tube
1 x Manual

Why drink hydrogen-rich water?
The negative oxygen free radicals in our body are the main cause of our body’s degeneration, disease and tissue/bone damage. Hydrogen-rich water eliminates these free radicals by combining with oxygen molecules to produce safe and harmless H20 (water).
Hydrogen can pass through many areas of the body (such as the brain), but other antioxidants cannot, thereby reducing harmful oxygen free radicals most effectively.
-Healthy hydride is called the water of life. Drink plenty of hydride-rich water to delay aging. It can also be used to wash face and maintain skin. It is easier to absorb when using moisturizer.
-Assist in the treatment of chronic human diseases, gradually improve the sub-health state and be full of vitality
-Improve the quality of life of patients undergoing rehabilitation
-Healthy hydrogen-rich water is good for regulating the stomach and alleviating constipation. Hydrogen-rich water circulates in the body and improves gastrointestinal function.
-The water molecules in the health cup are small and can not be absorbed by the cell membrane, which helps to accelerate the metabolism.
-Healthy and rich hydride and rich water replenishment function, improve the body’s repair and regeneration functions.
-It is rich in healthy hydrogen-rich water, which can reduce blood viscosity, improve microcirculation, and enhance blood vessel elasticity.
-Healthy hydrogen-rich water cup is beneficial to improve the water quality while killing bacteria in the water with obvious sterilization effect.

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