45KG Water Capacity Outdoor Detachable Parasol Fixed Base Tent Sunshade Waterbag Fixing Weight Umbrella Base Sand Bag


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Product Name Windproof Sandbag
Material Tear Resistance PVC Mesh Fabric
Product size Length 75 cm, Width 14 cm
Add Water Weight 46KG


1. Double zipper partition, the water will not leak.
2. It fits perfectly to the canopy legs, it can be filled with sand, gravel, snow or any available material Near.
3. Made of durable Tear Resistance PVC Mesh Fabric.
4. Locking system specially designed with the hook, to ensure that these weight bags remain firmly attached to your emerging store.
5. Windbreaker bag for awning, awning, exhibition shed, advertising shop.
6. Each sandbag can contain 46kg of water.
Package List:
1x Waterbag

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