500ml Outdoor Portable Vacuum Cup Stainless Steel Thermos Insulated Water Bottle Tea Coffee Mug





Material 304 stainless steel + PP+ silicone ring
Capacity 500ml
Insulation / cold preservation Vacuum insulation / cold preservation for more than 6 hours
Size 9 x 13cm
Weight Approx.300g

1. Stainless steel double-layer vacuum flask construction, excellent thermal insulation performance;
2. The shape of the incubator streamline is stylish and beautiful, the surface treatment is elegant, and the natural light is bright;
3. In line with modern trends and aesthetics, the unique tea compartment design allows you to enjoy the leisure time of the product anytime, anywhere;
4. The structure of the insulation cup, can be easily drinked, the arc cup mouth, the taste is comfortable;
5. Can be placed in boiling water, brewing tea, storing ice cubes;
6. Beautiful appearance, easy to use;
7. The surface is bright and impact resistant;
8. Antibacterial processing, easy to clean.

[Precautions for Thermos Cup]:
1. Please avoid impact and falling, so as not to damage the insulation cup and affect the insulation performance.
2. Do not place it next to the heat source to avoid affecting the function.
3. Placed in a place that children can not touch, so as not to burn.
4. Do not put the cup directly into the microwave to heat it.
5. Do not add dry ice, carbonated drinks and other liquids that are prone to high pressure, do not add soy sauce, soup and other liquids containing salty adults to avoid corrosion of the kettle body.
6. After loading milk and other perishable beverages, please drink and clean as soon as possible to avoid decaying.

[Insulation Cup Maintenance Method]:
1. When not in use for a long time, the liner should be kept dry.
2. In order to prevent the occurrence of odor or smudge, clean it after use and make it fully dry.
3. Due to the use of impure water will leave a red spot similar to rust, can be washed with warm water and diluted vinegar for 30 minutes to fully clean.

Package Included:
1 x Thermos cup

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Weight 0.305 oz

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