7PCS/Set Stainless Steel Korean Charcoal Barbecue Grill Home/Outdoor Camping Portable Smokeless Barbecue Stove






Charcoal grill kit set


Small – 35*12CM

Large – 40*13.5CM

Suitable scene

Home / outdoor / hot pot restaurant


– Natural volcanic mineral rock material baking pan, rich in trace element, non-toxic non-stick pan

– Rapid heating, making the heat gathered, environmental protection and energy saving, safety assurance

– Front and rear air outlet switch adjustment, the use of the process can be controlled at any time the size of the fire

Package included:

1 * Anti-hot handle

1 * Oven Rack

1 * Baking grid

1 * Baking Pan

1 * Charcoal rack piece

1 * Charcoal bowl

1 * Oven Body

How to use:

1. Add water to the bottom

2. Put the charcoal bowl

3. Put down the air mesh

4. Lower the charcoal to light the fire

5. Fill the sink with water

6. Under the plate grill

Additional information

Weight 2.4 oz