8-Modes COB Ultra Bright Camping Lamp With Side Light Magnetic Hammer Tail Emergency Fishing LED Lamp Outdoor Portable Large Range Floodlight


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Product Name

Bright light camping flashlight


Type A – X6(18CM Lamp)

Type B – X7(21CM Lamp With Warning Lamp)

Type C – X8(27CM Lamp With Warning Lamp)

Light source

COB panel / LED wick

COB white lights

Bright / soft

COB red light

Mosquito repellent / flashing / Explosion flash

Main light gear

Strong light / weak light / Flash


Strong magnet adsorption

Charging type

USB charging

Additional function

It can be used as a power bank


Built in lithium battery


Strong light 20 ~ 25 hours


ABS material

Waterproof grade

Life class waterproof


– COB high brightness LED wick, high light far-reaching iluminate the road ahead. Meet your outdoor adventure lighting needs

– 150 Meters Strong light long shooting. Bright and strong light far-reaching, outdoor night travel without fear of the night, light up the front, light up the night 

– 30m² Wide Range Floodlighting. Large area COB panel, large range of strong lighting, soft light without eye injuryBring you a beautiful and comfortable outdoor experience

– Multiple Light Modes. Different lighting mode, brightness can be adjusted at will to adapt to different environments

– Red light repels mosquitoes. Farewell to mosquito bites. Red light will make mosquitoes uncomfortable, meet red light will be far away from dare not close 

– Red and blue warning light. It can be used as a warning light with flashing red light. It can be used for earthquake relief, traffic warning, etc

– Double magnet design. Strong adsorption. Strong magnetic field is set at both ends of the back, which can be firmly attached to any iron

– Large capacity lithium battery. Built in large capacity rechargeable lithium battery with high energy density. Intense lighting can last up to 25 hours

– Can be used as a power bank. With input and input dual interface, it can be used as a power bank for mobile phone

– Tail tungsten steel cone. Emergency use of broken windows. It can be used as a window breaking hammer if in emergency. It is safe, efficient and does not hurt hands

– Life waterproof. The lamp body has good sealing performance, effectively prevents rainwater penetration, and is safe and does not leak electricity

Package included:
1 x Camping Light

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