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Brand IPRee®  
Airflow 203CFM
Working Yemperature 140℉~698℉(60℃~370℃)
Model BZ-01
Power supply thermo-electric module
Overall height 225mm
Overall width 185mm
The base of dimensions 88*73mm

Eco friendly fan
No batteries or electricity required
Less fuel consumption up to 17% fuel saving
Enjoy the heat from your stove faster
Extremely low start up temperature of just 40 degrees(testing environment temperature is 20 degree)
-Easy operation, ready to use out of the box.
-Ensure lifting handle is upright before placing on the stove.
-Please DO NOT place the fan in front of the chimney or near the chimney,
the temperature around chimney pipe is very high,it may cause damage of your fan.
The optimum position is at the side or back part of the stove top.
-The stove fan starts automatically and adjusts its speed with the stove temperature,
the hotter, the faster it runs to circulate the warm through out you room.
-The optimum running temperature is 60~370℃(140~698℉),stove thermometer is
recommended been used to monitor the temperature to avoid damage to your fan.
-Please only use this product with the free standing stoves,as it is not suitable for
inset stove or other stove that has heat insulation design on the top.
Package Included:
1x user manual
1x fan

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