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5 Blade Christmas Tree Heat Powered Stove Top Fan Wood Log Burner Eco Friendly
– Bring some festive cheer to your wood burner or gas stove top with this fabulous Christmas Tree Eco Fan!
– During the cold months, it can be difficult to warm up your room quickly. However, with the Heat Powered Stove Fan, this issue is a thing of the past.
-The perfect accessory for any stove heating, this fan sits on top of the appliance and is powered by the hot airflow as it rises.
– having created its own power from the heat of the stove or fireplace – circulating hot airflow around your room.
– With no need for electricity or batteries, this fan is highly economical for any home.
Product Details
1.Designed for low temperature stoves such as gas contemporary or soapstone.
2.Reduce fuel usage and emissions by up to 15%
3.Feel che heat up to 30% faster
4.Effective for rooms between 120 sq. ft to 260sq. ft
5.180 cfm warm airflow circulation
6.Open temperature 70-240℃
7.Weight: 0.66KG
8.Height: 175mm
9.Blade diameter: 150mm
10.Base plate width: 71mm
11.Colour: Red , Black
Package included:
1X Stove Fan

Additional information

Weight 0.83 oz