Horton WF-A 20-60X Focus Zoomable FMC Green Film Waterproof Telescope Birdwatching Monocular For Phone Camera





Brand name Horton
Magnification 20~60Times
Suburban distance 17-13.5mm
Product model 20-60x
Eyepiece diameter 22mm
Magnification 20-60x
Prism system BAK4
Objective lens diameter 60mm
Optical coating FMC
Focal length of objective lens 3.2-1.1 mm
Focus system Manual focus
Eyepiece focal length 6.3-4.2mm
Product net weight 0.695kg
Field size 36-19m
Product gross weight 1.31kg
Watch the ball distance, watch the target distance, watch the scenery
1.60mm large objective
Large wide angle, large field of view, high definition field of view, can be viewed from far and near.
2.Stepless continuous doubling

20-60 continuous zoom design, adjustable intermediate arbitrary magnification.
3.FMC full multilayer broadband green film
High transmittance, effectively reduce the refractive index of light, clear, sharp and transparent imaging.
4.BAK4 high transparency prism
Due to the Bak4 has fine texture and bright image, the peripheral imaging is clearer.

Package included:

1* Telescope bag
1* Manual
1* Mirror cover
1* Tripod

Additional information

Weight 1.3 oz

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