IPRee 100W 17.1V Solar Panel 6.75A Working Current Portable Solar Charger Laminated Solar Panel Components for Outdoor Steamship RV Charging





Brand IPRee®

Maximum power

[Pmax]:100w±0,25 w

Open circuit voltage


Open circuit current


Operating voltage


Operating current



Temperature coefficient(0.06510±0.15)%℃

Current temperature coefficient


Power coefficient temperature

-(0.50.05)% /℃

Maximum system voltage


Room temperature

-40 / 85 / C (C – + 40°Fto185°F)

Wind resistance

50pst (2400 pascadales)

Snow resistance

113psi (5400 pasales)

Hail lmpact

25mm (1 inch), 23m/s (52 mph)

Net weight


Gross weight



-It can also be bent to 30 degrees for installation and provide power in cabins RVs, tents or any other irregular surface.

-The form of power is energy efficient and environmentally friendly, perfect for outdoor work, travel or camping.


1. Do not scratch the surface of the solar panel with sharp objects.

2. Expose the solar panel to direct sunlight to ensure the best charging speed when charging.

3. Do not leave the charger in the rain, otherwise it will short circuit.

4. The 18V100W solar panel charger is integrated with an internal anti-current protector, which will not produce backflow.

About the controller:

1. The connection of solar system components is divided into parallel connection and serial connection. The controller must be connected to the battery first, and then to the solar panel. 2.

2. When solar panels are connected in series or parallel, pay a higher controller input voltage PV. the voltage connected in parallel to the controller after series connection must not exceed the maximum input voltage of the controller.

3. The total input power of solar panels must not be greater than the rated power of the controller, otherwise there is a risk of controller burnout.

4. When the rated power of one controller is not enough for all solar panels, multiple controllers can be connected to the battery at the same 

Package Included:

1 *100W solar panel

1 *Controller(10-30A)

Additional information

Weight 1.93 oz