IPRee 150X HD Astronomic Telescope Space Refractor Adjustable Tripod Lens Covers Night Version Telescope Outdoor Camping Telescope





Name HD Astronomical Telescope
Light diameter 70mm (2.7inch)
Focal length 300 mm
Coke rate F = 4.28
Eyepiece multiple 20mm eyepiece is 15 times,
6mm eyepiece is 50 times
Magnification factor 150X
Ceiling mirror 45 degrees (exactly the same)
Limiting magnitude 11.28
Main mirror color orange
Bracket telescopic three-section aluminum tripod
Height of tripod contraction length 425mm,
extension length 1410mm,
telescope connection tripod: 1480mm

– Adopt all metal material, cooperate plasma environmental protection spray technology, the whole appears very simple sense, noble and elegant. The color is bright, more increased the child's interest to astronomy and telescope itself love.
– Fully coated broad band anti-reflection blue film optical lens, transmittance up to 99.5%, low color difference, imaging clear and sharp, long time observation will not appear eye fatigue.
– 45 degrees positive mirror, whether it is to see the sky or scenery, up, down, left and right are completely positive, moving the telescope is very in line with our usual habits.
– Non-slip dual focus wheel, manual focus, focus more accurate, convenient and fast.
– 3X magnification lens, increase viewing rate, to achieve better viewing effect.

Package Included:
1 x HD Astronomical Telescope
3 x Eyepiece

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Weight 1.883 oz