IPRee 20W 18V Folding Solar Panel Charger USB Backpacking Power Bank Power Supply for Camping Travel





Pmax 20W
USB Output Voltage 18V
Material-Panel PET Laminated Sunpower Mono-crystalline Cells
Material-Bag Nylon
Color Camouflage
Expanding size 430*260MM
Folding size 430*130MM 
1.Eco-friendly & durable material.
2.Applied in charging 18V device as a power bank.
3.Portable, foldable and lightweight, with buckle to be fold firmly.
4.Come with storage bag to hold you phone when charging.
5.Come with 4x carabiners to mount it to your backpack or tent.
6.Produce continuous stable output even in cloudy day.
7.Suitable for outdoor activities, outdoor working or emergency.
Package Include:
1 x Foladable Solar Charger 
1 x Dual USB Plug
1 x Car Charger
1 x Battery Folder
4 x Carabiner 

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