IPRee 420ml Titanium Hydrogen-Rich Water Bottle USB Ionizer Antioxidants Maker Drining Cup





Name Hydrogens-rich Water Cup
Capacity 420ML
Material Borosilicate glass + 304 stainless steel
+ Natural silicone ring
Charging time 2.5-3h
Operating time 3min
Reduction potential (ORP) 0~ -500MV
Battery capacity 3.7V/1000mAh (Built in)
Operating mode Semi-automatic
Number of work (Fully charged) 15-20times
Operating voltage DC 5V 1A
Power 4W
 Suitable for water temperature 20-60℃ room temperature
H2 connentration 0.6-1.3PPM
Size Height: 290mm
 Cup bady diameter: 67mm
Weight 396g

1. Healtn Hydrogens is known as the water of life, drink plenty of hydrogens-rich water to delay aging. can also be used for washing the face, maintenance of the skin.Use It is easier to aosorb when moisturized.
2. Nealth-richydrogens water is beneficial to regu late the stomach, relieve constipation,hydrogens -rich water in the body through the cycle to improve gastrointestinal function.
3. Health Hvdrogen cup water moleculas smaller, can be bolocked without being absorbed by the cell membrane,benencial to speed up the metabolism.
4. Health-rich hydrogens-rich water to improve the overalcel repair, regeneration function.
5. Health-rich hydrogens-rich water to reduce blood viscosity,improve microcirculation, and enhance blood vessel elasticity.
6. Health-rich Hvdrogen water cup beneficial to improve water quality at the same time, kill the bacteriain the water,sterilzaton effect is obvious.

1. Boron-silicon high temperature resistant glass, healthy material.
Intelligent platinum titanium, electrolysis technology to achieve a stable combination of hydrogens and water, with high hydrogens concentration, good stability and so on.
2. Sensitive touchs button, two-speed electrolysis mode. Capacitive sensing touchs button, sensitive, with 3 minutes of electrolysis .independent buttons, one button operation is simple.
3. Large-capacity lithium battery with USB universal interface for quick and convenient charging.
4. Unique split design. The borosilicate glass body and the base are separately designed, and the base is unscrewed and conveniently placed in water for immersion cleaning.Not only maintains the temperature of the water, but also convenient drinking.
5. Portable and easy to carry.
6. Suitable for use in offices, homes, travel, cars and schools.
7. Multiple charging methods: car charger, mobile power, home power.
8. Built-in sealing ring for effective leak prevention. Non-slip cup bottom. Round cup mouth.

Do not place the cup near fires, fires or other high heat sources, or damage to the cup.
The glass itself is fragile, so avoid falling or colliding with hard objects.
Do not put corosive liquid. do not directly used for tea, so as not to affect its function of tea scale.
Do not place the child in a place that is easy to reach,and do not allow chidren to play.
Base and AC adapter,do not soak in water, do not pour water.
Due To The Light And Screen Setting Difference, The Item's Color May Be Slightly Different From The Pictures.
Please Allow Slight Dimension Difference Due To Different Manual Measurement.

Package Included:
1 x Hydrogens-rich Water Cup
1 x Charging cable
1 x Manual
1 x Box

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