IPRee 8 Blades Dual Heads Fireplace Fan Wood Burner Heat Power Fan





Brand IPRee®
Material Anodized aluminum
Starting temperature 60°C (122°F)
Maximum operating temperature 340°C (644°F)
AirFlow 280-400CFM (cubic feet per minute)
Noise <32dB
Product height 21CM
Product width 37.5CM
Product thickness 11CM
Total weight 1760g
Net weight 1200g

[Automatic start] upgrade technology, faster speed, greater air volume. A 28% reduction in stove wood.
[Environmentally self-powered] No battery or electricity required!
[Safety design]  The highest temperature resistance is up to 644°F (340°C). 
[Twin heads design] Innovative twin cooling finsand dual engines!
Package Included:
1x Hot Power Stove Fan
1x English manual

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Weight 1.829 oz