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Name Electric Barbecue Grill
Main material iron, stainless steel, high quality plastic
Input voltage 220V, 50Hz
Rated power 800W
Temperature control range 50~250°C
Baking tray thickness 1.8mm
Power cord length 1m
Oven size 410x220x60mm/16.1×8.7×2.4inch

Gold ratio capacity, bid farewell to waste, meet the needs of 1-4 people.
Water-based non-stick coating speeds up the speed of the barbecue, while excess grease is discharged directly into the oil pan along the oil leakage hole.
Use creative hollowing process to make the baking tray more energy.
Rotating automatic temperature control for easy rotation for maximum grilling experience.
Insulated vents, insulated and ventilated outlets on both sides, placed with burned hands and burned table cooling handles.
The embossed non-stick baking tray is made of food-grade imported coating, which is safe and safe.
Vertical heating, low power, high energy, infrared light directly contact the food through the opening of the baking tray, energy saving and power saving in colleagues who do not affect the grilling speed.
Easy to clean, the whole machine adopts split installation design, easy to disassemble, and it is extremely convenient and safe to clean.
High temperature heat resistant nylon, not only resistant to high temperatures, but also effective against cracking.

Package Included:
1 x Baking Tray
1 x Grilling Net
1 x Oil Pan
1 x Power Cord

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Weight 2.243 oz