IPRee F-1 4 Blades Fireplace Fan Winter Warm Heat Power Stove Fan Wood Burner Fan





Brand IPRee®
Material Anodized aluminum
Starting temperature 60° C (122° F)
Maximum operating temperature 400° C (750° F)
AirFlow 150-180CFM (cubic feet per minute)
Noise <32dB
Product size 21 x 13 x 16cm
Weight 790g


[Auto start] 2020 upgrade technology, faster speed, greater air volume. Thermodynamic stove fans are designed to circulate warm air generated by wood / coal or pellet burners with normal surface temperatures of 80 ° C to 400 ° C.
[Environmental self-powered] The thermoelectric module acts as a small generator to drive the motor of the fan. No battery or power required! Improved hot air circulation provides greater comfort and a 28% reduction in stove wood.
[Safety Design] The furnace support is anodized aluminum, with a high temperature resistance of up to 752 ° F (400 ° C). It will not deform and discolor even after long-term work at high temperature.
[Longer service life] The fan base is equipped with a bimetal safety device. If the surface temperature exceeds 300 ° C, the safety device will gently lift the front of the fan to protect the TEG and the motor.

Package included:
1 x Fireplace Fan

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Weight 1.15 oz