IPRee Fireplace Burner Fan Thermometer Wood Burning Stove Large Display Temperature Logger Recorder





Brand IPRee®
Wide scale range 0-500°C /100~900°F
Size 63*8.5mm / 2.48*0.33inch
Temperature range 0~500°C
Net weight 30g

1. Magnetic stove thermometer: can be placed on stove top or side, and on single wall flue pipe.
2. Easy to use: easily attach to your metal wooden stove. Magnet will hold to 800°F.
3. A great addition or upgrade to any charcoal kettle with more accurate temperature readings.
4. Prevent overheat: monitor stove efficiency, easy to control the burning temperature, avoiding your stove fan damaged by overheat.
5. Easy to read: shows surface temperature at a glance.

Package included:
1 x Temperature Logger Recorder

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Weight 0.03 oz