IPRee Mosquito Killer 395nm UVC Portable USB 7 Fan Blade LED Electric Insect Killer Lamp Insect Repellent Bug Zapper Trap Light


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Mosquito lamp


ABS/PP/Circuit board

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White, yellow, gray

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– Have a sound sleep all the night,without the boring mosquito. Quitely using and without noisy, Attract mosquitoes silently.

– Physical mosquito control. Refuse to poisons. No smoke, no smell, no dust.

– A large area of killing mosquito,forming an invisible mosquito net.

– 7 fan blade makes to attract the mosquito quickly.

– Weighing only 388g, small and light. Arrange and use for your like. .

– Safety net design. Invisible protection of security, control every detail

Package included:

1 * Mosquito lamp 

1 * USB data cable

1 * Instruction manual

Most  Effective Using method : 

1. Use the mosquito killer lamp in the bedroom in advance ( at least 3 hours ). Do not turn on until sleep . 

2. It  works better in an unmanned environment, because human body temperatureand smell are more attactive mosquito  to avoid affecting the product . 

3. This product uses a physical mosquito killing method , so machine doesn’t kill mosquitoes as soon as it turned on . 

4. Check the mosquito case at least 24 hours later . The reason is that the  mosquitoes  are physical killed . The mosquitoes die by air-drying and dehydration . Therefore , the process takes some time . If you have open them frenquently , the mosquitoes may be alive and escape . 

5. Please use it more than 48 hours for the first  time . During daytime use , please close the doors and windows ,draw the curtains to ensure  use in dark environment . Place it as high as possible about 1 meter above the ground . Do not turn on the lights , open doors and windows when use it . Do not  place  it in front the air outlet of the air conditioner or electric fan , Turn off other  light when killing mosquitoes , make sure the mosquito killers is the only light  source.

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