IPRee Upgraded Telescoping Stool Simple Chiar Collapsible Portable Retractable Folding Stool Telescopic Stool Outdoor Fishing Seat for BBQ Camping Pool Hiking Garden Outstanding Max Load 300KG




ID of storage bag:1849051





ABS, Nylon,High molecular polypropylene

Max Load 300KG

Stretch height


Folded size

25x6cm (DxH)

Unfolded size

25x45cm (DxH)

Product Weight


Package weight 1kg


【Adjustable height】 – The Retractable Stool can be adjusted in height from 2.5 to 17.7 inches(45cm), Portable Telescopic Stool suitable for most children,adults,various indoor and outdoor activities

【Lightweight and Convenient】 – The portable folding stool folds up to occupy only 0.1 square meters of storage space (Diameter – 24cm,Height – 6cm ).Portable Telescopic Stool also designed with an adjustable shoulder strap,so you can carry it as easily as a back Shoulder Bag.This Portable Chair is the perfect gift for family,friends and relatives.

【Upgraded 3rd Generation.】This is the 4th generation of such folding stool with U.S.-patented Design, and it’s made of high-strength heavy-duty environmentally friendly material. More durable, More stable and More lightable.

【Safety and stability】 – Collapsible Stool is made of high molecular polypropylene material.100 load-bearing buckles are assembled by 11 integrated load-bearing rings by hand.They are seamlessly connected with the load-bearing buckles and locked layer by layer,safe and firm.Attention:please don’t sit on the edge of the seat and don’t tilt the stool.

【Easy to use】 – The folding stool opens the bottom lock,you can put your fingers into the finger buckle of the upper seat and the base,and stretch it out to open it for use.When not in use,gently rotate your hands clockwise to quickly store Retractable Folding Stool,and close the bottom lock for easy carrying.

【Wide application】 – Telescoping Stool is very suitable for indoor and outdoor use.Subway,garden,living room,bedroom,bathroom,mountain,kitchen,beach and other occasions;mountain climbing,camping,leisure fishing,studio sketching,long-distance travel,hunting,hiking,barbecue,picnics,queuing and other activities.

Package included:

1 x Folding Chair

Additional information

Weight 1 oz