Jordon & Judy Silicone Hand Warmer With 10 Replacement Heated Cores Self-heating Winter Portable Hand Warming Tool Xmas Gifts






Jordan & Judy

Product name

Silicone hand warmer

Hand Warmer Material


Replacement core material

Iron powder, activated carbon, water, vermiculite, mineral salt, water-absorbent resin


Vibrant Orange, Taro Purple, Avocado Green, Root Pink, Sunny Blue

Replacement Core Color

Pure White

Hand Warmer Size


Replacement core size



– Small and compact Keeps you warm at all times

Delicate and small hand-warming egg, just in the palm of your hand, feel the warmth of holding it in the palm of your hand at any time.

– No charging/water filling, Replacement cartridge only

The hand warmer egg is composed of disposable heating pad and silicone sleeve, the heating pad can be opened and put into the silicone sleeve to use, saying goodbye to the inconvenience of filling water.

– Heat up to 8 hours

The inner material is selected from high purity iron powder, doubling the material, and it keeps heating for more than 8 hours;the heat degree is even and stable, so it is not easy to burn the skin.

About Egg Core Replacement:

1. Fold the self- generated heat core in half.

2. Place the silicone sleeve vertically.

3. Grip in hand to generate heat

Package included:

1 * Hand Warmer

10 * Replacement Heating Core

Additional information

Weight 0.001 oz

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