OPTOLONG 1.25 UV/IR Cut Blocker Filter Astronomical Telescope Filters for Deep Sky and Planetary Photography”





UV/IR Cut filters are IR and UV cut-off filters for astronomical photography, which can effectively prevent interference from IR and UV rays and provide focus and dust protection. UV-IR filters are used in all digital cameras, CCD cameras and webcams for photo processing technology. High transmittance visual band (420 nm ~ 680 nm), including H-Alpha (656 nm), S-II (672 nm) and NII lights. They are used to concentrate light and protect against dust.






Metal Frame Material

Aviation Aluminum



Peak transmittance

Tmax>95% @ 420nm-680nm

Blocking Area

>OD3(0.1%) @ 300-1100nm

Filter glass thickness

 1.85mm to ensure high flatness of 1/4λ during optical processing.

Glass material


Surface finish




The main uses and real shot effect diagram (uses):

1, Suitable for use with DSLR and CCD, can effectively inhibit the interference of UV and IR

2, For astronomy photography inside with monochrome CCD use

3, For DSLR conversion for astrophotography


– Optical high precision double-sided polishing to ensure parallelism greater than 30′ and high flatness 1/4λ to avoid halos.

– Precision double-sided optical coating, not a two-piece bonding type, effectively increases transmittance and cut-off depth.

– Electron Evaporation Technology

– Ion Source Assisted Coating (IAD) technology, which increases the density of the film layer and ensures that the temperature drift of the filter wavelength due to temperature is minimized.

 -High uniformity planetary wheel coating fixture to improve filter wavelength uniformity.

Metal frame:

Thread: M48*0.75

High quality aircraft aluminum

Precision CNC one-piece molding

Optical instruments professional fine sandblasting and anodic treatment, matte finish inside the frame to prevent reflections.

Font laser engraving – no fading, color fading


Plastic box material: PP material

Plastic box lining: high pressure white EVA material

Paper box: 340g silver cardboard

Carton liner: high density foam

Optical curves:

This filter cuts off the visible part of the 400-700nm band and ensures high transmission of the nebula emission line. The transmittance is up to 95%, while effectively cutting out interference in the UV and IR bands.

Package included:

1 * OPTOLONG UV/IR Cut Blocker Astronomical Telescope Filters

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