OPTOLONG 2 Filter H-Alpha 7nm Narrowband Astronomical Photographic Filters for Monocular Telescope”





Because H-A is 656nm mainly through the high permeability of the spectrum, and 656nm spectrum of the color presented by the red-based, 300-1100nm cut-off depth to make the details of launching nebula more rich. Extremely narrow bandwidth only allows the 656nm band to pass through the filter, can effectively cut off the artificial light Na lamp and Hg lamp interference to the transmission line through, in order to enhance the nebula contrast. With CCD is better choice for deep sky photography and wide field astrophotography.



 2 Inch

Central wavelength


Half bandwidth


Peak transmittance


Cut-off range


Cut-off depth




Face shape



 30 seconds


 M28.5 * 0.6


– High cutoff is effective, it is light damage and other stray light interference

– Use Germany Selected glass, with double-sided polishing processing

– For the emission line 656nm transmittance of 85% or more

– Frame with high quality aluminum alloy material, anodized extinction treatment

– With SII, H-Alpha, OIII shooting, that SHO Filter, post-synthesis ‘Hubble’

– The narrow-band filter, even in areas where light pollution is heavy, and the full moon (the moon’s largest and brightest) is the same, very narrow bandwidth, which reduces the interference from the external environment, but the haze and cloudy The weather is not possible.

– Box PP environmentally friendly materials, simple and beautiful

– Lined with double-layer EVA cushioning cotton

– Precision CNC integrated molding

– Multi-layer anti-reflection coating

Package Included:

1 * 2 Inch H-Alpha 7nm Filter  

1 * PP Plastic Box

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