OPTOLONG 82mm Diameter Clear Sky Filter Light Pollution Filter Monocular Telescope Visual Enhance Filter








 Clear Sky Filter



Suitable for

 Use under 3-5 light hazards

Plastic box material

 PP material

Box lining material

 High pressure white EVA material

Applicable Target:

– Wide angle shooting of starry skies in all seasons in an environment with slight light pollution;

– The camera is capable of shooting city night scenes in light-polluted environments.

Manufacturing Process:

– High-precision double-sided polishing – ensuring substrate parallelism better than 30′ and face shape better than λ/4.

– Ultrasonic cleaning of pure water – using 13 tank cleaning process, effectively remove impurities and dust from the substrate surface.

– Ion source-assisted coating – optimizes film density, firmness and uniformity, effectively reducing temperature drift.

– Rigorous quality control – each filter is photometrically spectroscopically verified and laser interferometer type-checked.

Package included:

1 * OPTOLONG 82mm Clear Sky Filter

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