Outdoor Portable 32” Metal Fire Pits Camping BBQ Square Table Backyard Patio Garden Stove Wood Burning Fireplace


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Product process

 plastic spray + high temperature coating



Overall Size

 (L)x(W)X(H) 81x81x45cm /31.89 x 31.89 x 17.72 in(approx.)


● The whole is made of high-quality iron, and the basin is made of 0.8mm thick cold-rolled plate;

● The 4 legs and the hoarding form a stable 4-corner bracket, which does not shake or shake;

● 6 ventilation holes in the bottom of the basin, which help air circulation and make charcoal fully burned;

● The countertop embossing process is beautiful and non-slip;

● The flameproof hood, safely isolates the fire, and puts charcoal outside to splash;

● The surface of the product is sprayed with plastic, and the parts in contact with the open flame are sprayed with a high-temperature coating, which can withstand 500 ℃ high temperature!

● It can be used for heating villa courtyards and terraces, and can be equipped with grills for outdoor BBQ, one stove and two purposes!

Package Included:

1 x Fire Pit Stove

1 x Charcoal Net

1 x Cover

1 x Handhold Stick

Additional information

Weight 11.8 oz