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Name Outdoor multi-functional portable gas oven
Furnace head size 22 * 22 * 9. 5cm
Pan size 35x35x3. 5cm
Package size 18.5 * 18.5 * 12cm
Furnace head material Copper + iron
Pan material

Aluminum alloy + iron + non stick coating


1. The main body of this product is gas stove, which can be used with baking pan, kettle, pot, etc.

2. It can be barbecued when it is matched with the baking tray, boiled tea when it is matched with the kettle, and stir fried and
 steamed when it is matched with the pot.

 3.Portable and durable design,enjoy good meals anywhere and anytime.

How to use:

1. Install the furnace head in the air tank and confirm that the furnace head switch is closed.

2. Align the groove at the bottom of the baking tray with the four feet of the oven head and place it stably.

3. As shown in the figure, place the base of the baking tray on the head of the oven, and add a little water into the groove

4. Turn on the valve switch, and use the igniter to light the flame at the furnace head after hearing the sound of gas.

5. Adjust the valve switch to adjust the flame size to a proper size (it is recommended to open the flame in the middle range)

6. Put the frying pan on with the anti scalding clip of the frying pan, preheat for a while, and then it can be used.

 Package included:
 1 x Multifunctional Oven

(Not included gas tank)


1. Add proper amount of water to the oil pan before use,

2. After use, wash directly with water or wipe with paper market, do not use wire ball to brush.

3. After using the product, make sure that the switch is closed tightly, and then screw off the furnace head from the air tank.

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Weight 1.23 oz