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Product name 3.78L/1 Gallon Water Bottle
Material Stainless Steel, Nylon, PETG
Weight Approx.300g
Size 6.29*11.57inch
Capacity 3.78L/1 Gallon
Temperature -20℃ +60℃
Color Black / Clear (optional)
Suitable for Cycling, self-driving travel, backpacking,
outdoor sports, fitness, etc.
1.It is made from PETG material, which is not only durable but also solid, Wear-resistant, anti-fall.
2.The bottle comes with a portable handle, and the cover has a thickened metal carabiner.
3.Spiral opening mouth and spiral cap, sealed and leak-proof, is easier and more convenient to open.
4.Large capacity of 3.78L, allowing you to drink more water when you are thirsty.
5.Super light water bottle with a larger capacity is easy and convenient to carry more water.
6.Thick and not fragile, this product is not resistant to high temperatures, and should not be filled with boiling water. (temperature resistance range -20 ° C +60 ° C)
7.Good-looking and nice appearance is stylish and practical.
8.2 colors to choose, you can pick up your favorite color.

Package Included:
1 x 3.78L Water Bottle

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