36PCS Emergency Kit Car Tool Bag Warning Triangle Flashlight Safety Hammer First Aid Kit Outdoor Travel Camping


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Car Emergency Kit

Storage bag Size



12 Types


36 PCS


— Complete kit can save your car in necessary situation like blowout, traffic accident, flameout, etc. A good assistant for your vehicle.

— Come with a storage bag to keep your tools, convenient to carry.

— Tow rope: convenient for you to remove the car from the anchoring location.

— Fuse insert: easy to install and replace!

— Electrical PVC tape: It features good insulation, voltage resistance and flame retardant properties. Used to tie wires, etc.

— 2 in 1 safety hammer: 1. Sharp and firm hammer, break the glass to escape in the event of an accident. 2. Blades: Hook-shaped in-line inserts that cut off seat belts in case of an accident.

Package included:

1 x Oxford cloth bag

1 x Warning triangle

1 x 3m tow rope

1 x Crocodile clip line

1 x Raincoat

1 x 2 in 1 screwdriver

1 x PVC insulation tape(5M)

1 x Hand press power flashlight (including battery)

1 x 2 in 1 safety hammer

2 x Dispensing non-slip gloves

10 x Fuse insert set

1 pack First aid kit (10x Band-aid,  2x Wound pad, 1x PBT bandage, 1x tape)

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