APEXEL 1.33X Anamorphic Lens Professional Phone Camera Lens 4K HD Widescreen Vlog Movie Phone Camcorders Lens for All Smartphone





Horizontal compression ratio


TV distortion


Number of lenses

2 pieces 2 groups




Multi-layer coating

Lens material

Aluminum alloy+glass

Lens shape


Lens connection

M17 thread



Lens features:

1, widescreen anamorphic

Widescreen anamorphic shots are shots that compress the horizontal perspective to accommodate more views in the horizontal direction, without changing the vertical perspective. The extension of vision conforms to the visual characteristics of the human body, extending the horizontal width and deepening the sense of immersion in the film 

2、Gorgeous unique bokeh, creating romantic night scenes Oval out-of-focus bokeh, adding a touch of romance to your night scenes

3、Horizontal blue flare, cool and visible Classic horizontal lens , flash your personality in the video, bright starburst effect, mirroring and soaring Self-contained starburst effect, more cinematic video

4、Lens distortion is small, reality and video are the same as ever Lens distortion is less than 2%, the reality is the same, away from the video motion vertigo.

5. Anamorphic lens supports 4K HD video, with high colour reproduction, your video and practice are always the same. Shallow depth of field bokeh, highlight the protagonist Shallow depth of field increases the separation of background and foreground, highlighting the subject.

6, mobile phone movie anamorphic lens plus photographer phone case like a tiger, add a sense of ritual to your shooting.

【How it works?】

The anamorphic lens brings the organic look and character of 2:4:1 with 1.33x design.it’s like shooting a wider focal length in the horizontal direction and a longer focal length in the vertical. It’s suitable for hte recording of widescreen videos.Works with the Camera App like(ProMovie,FILMIC ) to de-squeeze the image when shoot video and photos. or after shooting by phone+1.33x anamorphic lens,use Premiere Pro software to change the length of long and wide from 100.

Package included:

1 x Film lens

1 x Special threaded clip for telephoto

1 x Waterproof pouch

1 x lens wipe

1 x Instruction booklet

2 x Lens cap

Additional information

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