ARCHEER 22×32 Folding Binoculars Telescope Compact Bird Watching Portable Binoculars with Low Light Night Vision




Product description:
Sharp Optical Quality with an Extra Wide View:
Whether you're bidding in an open field, hunting in the woodlands, or fishing along a lake, the ARCHEER empower you to identify, great for viewing fast moving objects, then focus in on your target-with speed and precision.
BONUS: Neck strap, carrying case, cleaning cloth and ARCHEER's 40 days money back guarantee, 18 month hassle-free warranty with considerate customer service

1.22X magnification, 32-Millimeter lens diameter
2.Easy adjustment and rapid focusing
3.Prism system:BK7,Size: 135x(120-82)x50mm Black,weight:300g
3.Field Of View (m):1500m/7500m, With low-light-level night vision built-in design
4.Ideal for fishing, bird watching, walking, climbing, travel, and other outdoor activities
Package included:
1* Telescope

When you don't use the telescope please put it in a dry place, because it is easy to fall off the film and prisms moldy after a long wait of telescope lenses. As the better way to dirt or marks on the lens is to use a cotton swab dipped some alcohol at home or gasoline, so it would be more easy to wipe volatile liquid.
Weight: 86g

It is a kind of low-light level night vision telescope which means it can be used for night vision with some light but can not be used for totally pitch-black night vision.


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Weight 0.345 oz