F3 Pro Portable Handheld Mini Bag Sealer Wireless Heat Sealer Kitchen Sealing Machine for Chip Bags, Plastic Food Storage Bags






 High quality ABS


 12.2 * 4.8 * 5.6cm

Packing size

 13.5 * 6.4 * 6.2cm

Power supply


Power consumption


Built in battery capacity

 1300 Ma


 White / Pink / Dark Green


 Intelligent third gear


– [Three sealing modes, sealing all types of bags] The 2-in-1 mini heating sealer uses a high-tech circuit board to adjust the temperature, and there are 3 modes to choose from (for thick bags, ordinary bags and ultra-thin bags mode). Perfect for storing your leftover snacks, food, fruits, etc. to avoid waste and mildew growth and keep food fresh.

– [Safe design, easy to use] High-quality heat insulation effect, patented triple anti-scalding and double high-tech protection to make it safe and reliable. Turn the knob to the ‘+’ position to seal the bag, then turn to the ‘-‘ point to open the bag. When not in use, turn the knob to the middle area of ​​’+’ and ‘-‘ to lock it and prevent acci heating, to prevent children from being harmed.

– [USB charging, long working time] The traditional battery-powered heat sealer requires frequent battery replacement. This USB rechargeable pack sealer uses a large-capacity (1500mAh) rechargeable lithium battery. It can be used for about six months after being fully charged. This greatly helps you save time, money and labor. Equipped with a 30 cm long USB data cable, compatible with your mobile phone, computer, power bank, car charger, etc., you can charge the bag sealer anytime, anywhere

– [Small and portable] This mini bag sealed bag is small and portable. With hanging straps and netic strip on the back, you can hang it on the wall, behind a door or paste it into the refrigerator to save space. You can also put it in your backpack for camping, hiking, fishing, or vacation, and use it to reposition those remaining snack bags or fruit bags when you leave.

– [Wide application] The famous package sealer can seal multiple general-purpose packaging bags: coated aluminum foil bags, PP, PE, PVC with a thickness of 0.3 mm or less. General plastic bags,rice, tea, chips, flavor, salt bags. Can fully meet your daily use requirements.

Package Included:

1 * Bag Sealer

1 * USB data cable

Additional information

Weight 0.12 oz

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