F400x40 Astronomical Refractor Telescope HD Optical Space Monocular Entry Level Children Kids Toy Gifts + Tripod





Optical system Refractive
Tripod Aluminum tripod
Caliber 40mm
Focal length 400mm
Limit star 10
Focus ratio 10
Resolution (Rayleigh limit) 1.84 arc seconds
Eyepiece H20mm
Magnification  20 times
Resolution (Du's limit) 1.65 angular seconds
Eyepiece H12.5mm
Magnification 32 times
Photo resolution 180 strips / mm
Finder mirror 5 x 18
Light collection 150X
Zenith mirror 0.965 inch zenith mirror
Field of view 2.1°
Main mirror length 345mm
Linear field of view (1000 yards) 20.32
Optical coating Multi-layer coating
Weight  Approx.1.5kg


40mm objective lens.
Aluminum tripod.
Exquisite and compact.
High transmission coatings.

Package included:
1 x Main barrel
1 x H12.5mm / H20mm eyepiece
1 x Objective lens cover
1 x 90° zenith mirror
1 x Finder
1 x Aluminum alloy tripod
1 x Product packaging box / manual

Additional information

Weight 1.035 oz