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Product name Charcoal Can


17*17*28cm/11′ x 6.7′ x 6.7′



【LARGE CAPACITY & RUST-RESISTANCE】Charcoal starter measures 11′ x 6.7′ x 6.7′, the canister holding up to 4 pounds of coal, larger capacity than other charcoal chimney starters. Steel of chimney starter is zinc plated for rusting resistance and long life.
【EASY TO USE AND PORTABLE】The large size of the chimney charcoal starter base and air vents shortens the amount of time it takes to heat up the charcoal. a nylon handle plus heat shield of charcoal starter for protection against heat transfer. charcoal chimney lighter fits perfectly all kinds of briquette charcoal BBQ, grill, outdoor cooking, quick backyard BBQ, barbecues, tailgate parties, and car camping, fish trips and garden grilling, traveling.
【QUICKER AND SAFER】Galvanized Steel charcoal starter for grills used of chimney principle and start your barbecue BBQ in the shortest possible time. Fire grill starter subvert the traditional point. About 15-20 minutes the coals will be red hot. It is not need to use any lighter fluid such as lump cubes, squares, very save time and effort!
【EASIER】Charcoal chimney starter grill just use some abandon newspapers or other papers at the bottom of steel canister. light up crinkled up newspapers or papers with fire starter, and set the can cannister of coal starter over the flame. Please note: no more buying flammable bottles of liquid to squirt over your charcoal briquettes before lighting them.

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1*Charcoal Can 

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Weight 1.083 oz