Inflatable Bathtub Portable Thicken Bathtub Hot Tub Inflatable in Small Spaces Spa for Shower Stall Plastic Adult Size




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 Plastic, PVC






 about 120-150L

Suitable for Height

 Below 180cm

Suitable for Weight

 Under 170 pounds

Features and Benefits
●Easy bathing, easy to move
●Double drainage design, fast drainage
●Increase the drain on the side to make the drainage better and the Bottom drain more thoroughly
●Cotton insulation at the bottom
●Lock the heat, more effective and lasting heat preservation at room temperature
●Effectively block the intrusion of the cold outside

Instruction for use:
1. Open the tub, make the tub bottom flat and stand on the flat ground
2. Insert the two straight pipes into the three support bar, then, connect semicircular pipes to straight pipes forming an oval, make sure it should be tightened well.Fold down the top edge to wrapped the oval pipes
3. Fill up the water from the top directly, the water usually reach 1/2 or 2/3 height of the tub will be fine
4. Walk in and sit down in the tub, you can enjoy a comfortable spa bath
5. After use, drain off the water, fold back into the original carrier, store it for next use

Package Contents:
1 set Bathtub

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Weight 2.17 oz