IPRee Astronomical Telescope Monocular Astronomical Telescope+Tripod+Optical Finder Scope for Watch Travel Moon Bird For kids &Students




 Function  Viewing, Stargazing, Bird Watching
 Fearture  1.For entry-level players
 2.For viewing, stargazing, bird watching
 3.Suitable for children’s education
 4.90° Oblique mirror easy to operate
 5.90x finderscope easy to find the start
 Optical System  Refraction
 Main Mirror Material  Stainless steel
 Objective Diameter  50mm(2.4″)
 Objective Focal Length  360mm.f/7
 Eyepiece  SR4mm, H20mm, 3x Baro Mirror
 Eyepiece Magnification  90x
 Teleconverter  1.5x
 Max Magnitude  10.49
 Resolution  2.800 Angular seconds
 Photography Connector  Yes
 Finderscope  Yes
 Carriage System  Warp and weft
 Tripod  34cm height aluminum alloy

Package Included:

3 X Eyepiece(SR4mm,H20mm,3x Baro Mirror)
1 X Tripod
1 X Finderscope
1 X 1.5x Teleconverter
1 X Oblique Mirror


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Weight 1.702 oz