IPRee T2 T3 T5 COB+LED 110LM Mosquito Killer Magnetic Light IP46 Waterproof 6 Modes Camping Lantern Work Lamp


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LED Type T2 T3 T5
Lampwick  Front Lamp XD+
Side Lamp 2835
Front Lamp XD+
Side Lamp 2835
Front Lamp XD+
Side Lamp 2835
Range Front Lamp 130m Front Lamp 130m Front Lamp 130m
Mode Front light – Side power saving – Side medium light – Side strong light – Side yellow light –
Side red blue warning light
Wattage  Front Lamp 3W+
Side Lamp 2W
Front Lamp 3W+
Side Lamp 4W
Front Lamp 3W+
Side Lamp 6W
Lumens Front Lamp 110LM Front Lamp 110LM Front Lamp 110LM
Light cup
Plastic Plastic
Waterproof IP46 IP46 IP46
Fall-proof height
1m 1m 1m
Lighting time Front Lamp 280min
Side Lamp 270min
Front Lamp 510min
Side Lamp 350min
Front Lamp 690min
Side Lamp 340min
Weight 165g 235g 305g
Size 158x41x38mm 223x41x38mm 288x41x38mm
Battery Built-in
1×18650 battery
2×18650 batteries
3×18650 batteries
USB charging Yes Yes Yes
USB discharging Yes Yes Yes

Side COB light, 30㎡ floodlight range, high brightness and power saving.
Up to 100m effective range, meet most of illumination need.
Yellow mosquito killer lighting mode, mosquito repellent.
Blue and red strobe mode, SOS, warning and keep safe.
Multiple lighting modes switch, easy operation.
With magnet, can be absorbed to iron items.
USB recharge and discharge, can be used as an emergency power bank.
Bottom window breaker, for emergent escape.
Multifunctional light, used as flashlight, camping light, work light, warning light, searchlight, mosquito light, power bank, etc.

Package Included:
1 x Light
1 x USB cable

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