Outdoor Camping Refill Adapter Cooking Stove Gas Flat Cylinder LPG Flat Tank Converter





Material Brass, PVC
Length 60cm / 23.6 inch
Color Brass
Weight 115g

Light weight, easy to carry

Can fill your flat gas tank from liquefied gas cylinder with it
Safe and easy to control
Great accessory for outdoor camping burner, picnic burner, etc

Operating Instructions:
1.An air to confirm the flat tank connection valve in the closed position
2.Liquefied gas interface of the inflation valve connected to the gas bottle, unscrew the gas bottle valve is leaking, check the interface to ensure safety
3.Liquefied gas bottles upside down
4.Empty flat tank connected to the flat gas connection valves,Open the gas bottle knob, then will see liquefied petroleum gas flow in tubes
5.Flat tank to connect the good inflation valve on the electronic scales, are generally not peeled weighing, because sometimes flat tank may be remaining, then if peeled, it may charge installed excessive inflation process in real-time observation of the number of filled, the general recommendation is to charge slightly less than the original tank original tank
6.Charged gas pipeline inflation valve will be left liquefied petroleum gas, then only need to inflatable valve received a flat tank, liquefied petroleum gas cylinder valve closed, open flat cans inflatable valve, retained inside the tubes of liquefied petroleum gas will flow automatically into the flat tank, inflation valve liquefied petroleum gas residue
Package Included:
1 x Gas Tank Coupler

Note:Tank and bottle are not included


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Weight 0.129 oz