SOLOVE R1 Rechargeable Winter Electric Heating Bag Multifunctional Heater Portable Hand Warmer with Throw Pillow Cover





Name Heater Throw Pillow 
Brand SOLOVE (from Xiaomi Eco-System)
Model R1
Viscose + fiber + polyester
Rated voltage 220V
Rated power 360W
Size 180x260x45mm
Weight 1150g

Multi-scene can be used, siesta, warm waist, warm hands, warm neck, warm body.
Preferred PP cotton material, soft and skin-friendly, no ball, not easy to allergy.
Quick charging, 8-12 minutes to complete the heating, keep warm for about 6 hours.
Cotton wool material protective cover, absorb heat and release, will not burn the skin.
Intelligent charging, explosion-proof clip automatically cut off the power supply, open the power off protection.
8 layers of PVC protective layer, automatic power off, explosion proof, dry burning;insulation, flame retardant, leakage proof, leakage proof, safety guarantee.
PICC strict control of product quality, safety assurance.

Package Included:
1xElectric Heating Bag
1xThrow Pillow Cover
1xExplosion-proof Clip
1xExplosion-proof Clip Package Box
1xPackage Box

Additional information

Weight 1.15 oz